Rob Grill of the Grass Roots Update July 10, 2011

Rob Grill of the Grass RootsRob Grill fell over a week ago.  He was at his home in Florida. He is in the hospital and in a coma.  He then had two strokes while in the hospital.  Rumors have been flying concerning his health and demise.  He is still alive and kicking.  His wife, Nancy, has been updating fans daily on the Grass Roots Group on Yahoo.

This is Nancy’s update for 7/10/11

Well, Rob was sleeping soundly yesterday. Snoring and everything. The pneumonia
is breaking up and I think he’s messing wih me when he wakes up. You know that
side smile he has when he’s trying to get away with something? I know you’ve
seen it because he does it onstage often. He did it to my friend Scarlett and I
when she visited him. He is making a lot of faces, smiles and blows air at my
ear when I get close. He kisses me back and is trying to talk. Day by day I see
improvement. I’m not getting my hopes up too much, though. I’m Living for
Today…Thanks again for all the good words. Heard from Tammy, Mark Volman and
Gary Puckett. They are so dear to us. We’re so blessed. Talk to you later.
Nancy (Nance is just a nickname from my old radio days))Either name is fine with

Following is a statement from his wife, Nancy.  She posted this on the Yahoo fan page on Friday 7/8/11.

Just a quick update. First there is a rumor out and Rob is alive! He had now
passed away as reported by some idiot! See, I have to be careful what I write
because writers are reading my messages and writing their own articles using my
quotes. They are true quotes but taken out of context. For instance, a friend
of Rob’s wrote an article about the fall and thinks he fell in Lake County, CA
and not at home in FL. He seems to think he fell onstage, too. Oh well.
Anyway, there is no change except his beard is getting longer (about an inch) so
I hope they shaved him last night so I can kiss that “handsome devil.” I’ve
talked to him about all your prayers and wishes and I think he hears me. He
shifts a bit in the bed and opens his eyes now and then. I call him “Ocean Eyes”
because of their blue green color and he is so beautiful. I would always tease
him about his “striking good looks”. A writer put that in an article 20 years
ago, and when I would repeat that to him he just got so embarrassed and humble.
He really is and has a sweet heart. So that’s it for now. Heading to the
hospital now. They may be moving him to a place closer to home today. Take

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  1. Johnny D. says:

    It is good to here that Rob Grill thou not out of the woods yet, is doing better than first reported. I agree 100% with his wife be careful how you sat things on the net. Too dam many self reporters and drama bolggers.

  2. Nancy M. says:

    Nancy, im glad to hear Rob is doing better now, i hope he has a full recovery. I have been a fan of Rob and the Grassroots since the 60’s.
    Nancy from California

  3. Margie says:

    I’ve been a Grass Roots fan since the early ’70’s and had the chance to see Rob for the first time at the Happy Together tour last year. He was awesome! He was so entertaining and funny, and his voice still sounded great. The crowd loved him! I’ve just attended the Happy Together show on Friday night. We were so disappointed not to see Rob when the Grass Roots were introduced. They’re just not the same without him! The singer told the audience that Rob needed our prayers and I’ve been praying for him ever since. Just want you to know that I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers.

  4. Valerie says:

    Continued thoughts and prayers for Rob and Nancy!

  5. Delia says:

    Glad to hear Rob is doing better.i have never met Rob or his wife but it takes a strong and special woman to handle what she has gone prayers are with you

  6. Tammy says:

    According to his Yahoo fan group, Rob passed away this afternoon 🙁

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