A Note from Nancy Grill on Rob Grill’s Death

This is a note from Nancy Grill that she sent to the Grass Roots Yahoo Group Page
Rob GrillHi everyone,
I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support you’ve given to Rob and I. It is such a difficult time, but knowing how much people loved Rob and The Grass Roots gives me a calm feeling somehow. I’ve been busy with phone calls from radio stations, The New York Times, CNN and the Associated Press! They are all compassionate and wanting to know the truth.  Rob never thought of himself as a celebrity, (but as one lucky son of a gun who was able to have the same job and still love it for over 45 years.) He loved the songs (thanks Sloan and Berry) and I know he hoped the Grass Roots are able to continue pleasing fans for many more years to come. People are asking about a memorial service, etc…I’m going to wait until things calm down and people who want to celebrate his life from out of town can plan and buy airline tickets. Airfares now are so expensive at short notice. I will let you know. August, perhaps.
As far as in lieu of flowers…Rob was a foster kid during periods of his life and he wanted to support local foster programs.
We also always supported:
Cornerstone Hospice of Lake County,
2445 Lane Park Road, Tavares, FL 32778.
Any contributions to Melanoma/Cancer Society (as that what took Christian’s life
away too soon as well as many others was important to Rob as well.

Thanks again and much love to you, More later, Nancy

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  1. Maggie says:

    Saddness surrounds those who loved and appreciated the wonderful man we call Rob Grill. He was a showman, a real trouper despite all of his life’s pain,and yet he always came back somehow- to his fans, his music, to us- and now the world mourns his loss… I pray that he is reunited with his loved ones in Heaven- and that smile of his is felt world wide- there is no more pain…To his wife, his brother, those friends and family, and us- his fans- my heartfelt condolences- and a whisper to how precious life is-thank you- for making us all feel as though we were part of your family too.
    Many tears have been dropped into the ocean- and when we find them- we will stop missing you…

  2. Shayne says:

    So sad to hear of Rob’s passing. I only met him once in 1983, but I told him then that he and The Grass Roots were the reason why I began playing drums. I shook his hand and asked for his autograph which he gladly signed. The first song I ever tried to play was “Sooner Or Later”.

    God Bless Rob and The Grass Roots for helping me have more pleasure in listening and playing music than I ever imagined. Prayers go out to his family.

  3. Susan Smoter says:

    Nancy – I knew you growing up in Greenbelt and had no idea you were married to Rob – my favorite group has always been the Grass Roots – wow, it’s a small world. I’m very sorry for your loss – which is more than any of us can ever know. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Please know you have an entire family of fans and old friends who care now and as you go forth to carry on. Sincerely, Sue Goldstein Smoter

    • Nancy Grill says:

      Thank you for your beautiful words! Rob will always live on because of the music and we have to live for today, move on and keep him in our hearts forever. It’s been a rough time, still,but knowing others care is comforting. Take care and thanks again!

    • Nancy Grill says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I remember you, of course, Sue! Greenbelt girls were raised strong, and because of that we keep our roots together and are there for each other. Small towns unite because we are special! Right? I hope all is well with you and thanks again for the Greenbelt spirit! It’s what keeps me going. Take care!

  4. Sandy (Colgan) Rogers says:

    Nancy, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Jackie told my brother who in turn told me. I am glad however to find you. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and remember to keep all your
    Memories always close to your heart. Sandy 🙂

    • Nancy Grill says:

      Hi Sandy! Thanks for the kind words! We “Greenbelt Girls” are always there for each other! I always think of you on June 26th, because my birthday is
      June 27th! Right? Anyway, I’m so happy to find you again and I just love your boys! You must be so proud! Kim has 3 boys, too! I hope to see you again sometime. Take care and please keep in touch. Since your my eider, (haha) I hope all is well. Please take care and thanks again!

  5. Scot Peak says:

    I was shocked and sad to here of Robs passing. I’ve been a Grass Roots fan since I was 12 years old so it was a thrill when I got to speak to him on many occaions as he flew on the Airline I worked for. He will be missed . Please don’t hesitate to contact me Nancy if you need help setting up travel plans for guest attending the life celibration.

  6. Pat Starr says:

    I was so shocked to hear of Rob’s passing. I had the good fortune of meeting Rob back in 1983. What a talent he was and he was so passionate about what he did. My thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.

  7. Brian Casey KOLA 99.9 says:

    As a teenager I would hear those great songs like MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS and say WOW, I love that voice! It was hit after hit and I would buy them all. The Grassroots were one of my favorite groups cuz I love the top 40 sound and always did. Little did I know I would end up being a dj and play them over and over on the air. And in 1998 I emceed a concert with The Grassroots and finally met ROB GRILL. He was the nicest guy and answered every question I ever wanted to know about the band and how it all began. Later in 2002 I broadcast at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City while working in Chicago. I stayed with friends and bought a greatest hits CD of Grassroots and that’s all we listened to traveling from event venue to event venue. Rob’s voice was smokey pure gold. I am a huge fan and am shocked to hear the news. For me, it’s one of those passings that hurts deep inside. What a great guy and awesome voice of so many hits and memories for me. Good men sometimes die young, but death cannot kill their names. I’ll forever miss Rob Grill. -BC

  8. Betty Gracyus says:

    I was sad to here the news . He has always been my favorite..Rob had a gifted talent of just being himself and his voice with that made him
    I got to meet him for the first time last year and got his autograph and a picture with him, I will cherish it forever..

    His legend and music will live on forever..

  9. Lee J. Davito says:

    I am sorry to hear of your loss…..Rob was a phenomenal musiician and performer…He was one of my all time favourites…..I still have the original “Let’s Live For Today” LP that I bought upon its release in 1966….as well as all their other albums……I was even lucky enough to find the complete collection on CD from Italy…and they sound superb……Robs music will survive forever..digitally!!!! They need to release them in America..

    I wont ever forget him..

  10. Gary Welbon says:

    Nancy – I have just heard of Rob’s passing and my heart is truly saddened. After meeting him and you in the hospital in Tavares, you guys were a shining light and all that saw you both recognized it. It was a pleasure to take care of Rob and your mother while they were both in the hospital. I will never forget the kindness of Rob’s heart – even while he was ailing and in pain. A true gentleman and a gentle heart that will be missed by us all. My heart and thoughts go out to you and your family throughout the upcoming days. May God continue to wrap his arms around you and keep you. From Nurse Gary from waterman Hospital

    • Nancy Grill says:

      Hi Nurse Gary!i do remember you and you are awesome! Rob and I appreciated everything you did and you were wonderful with your care. You managed to keep Robs dignity and that is a special gift from you! I he you are well. It’s been rough losing Rob, my mom and my brother, our son, too in one year, but life goes on, no matter how difficult it can be. Take care and thank you again! You are a gift from God. Keep up the miraculous care and I hope to see you again!

  11. Shiloh says:

    When I was a little girl,and the Grass Roots were on the radio all the time,Cassettes were the in thing.I had a small player,and two of their tapes. My parents were musicians,and always touring,..constantly.They took me with them,and had to stay in our cab over camper as we traveled.It was a very lonely existence.,..except for one two things. I had a magazine with photos of Rob and the guys in it,and those tapes.So,listening to their music,and having the photos to look at,I didnt feel quite so alone.You know how little girls can be.With their big imaginations,they get attached to things or people easily.And I got attached to Rob,all throughout the years,even when I was old enough to leave the touring camper. When I left,I took those tapes with me,and never looked back.
    Thank you,Rob,for being there. For creating such fine music for all of us! And,thank you for keeping that little girl company.You will be so very missed,and you’ll always be in our hearts,..forever.

  12. Nancy Grill says:

    Rob would have loved your message! You are a special gal and I hope all is well. Take care and keep in your heart Rob and the Grass Roots. They are still touring. I hope you can see them again! Live for Today!!

  13. Sue Johnson says:

    Hi Nancy, I met you once in Redondo Beach, CA when Rob was playing at a small club there in my hometown. I have been Rob’s FAN since the start. I can’t count the many times I saw him and talked to him and got to go back stage to see him, he even asked me to a party at his house after a show at The Palomino Club in the Valley. It was so cool, there were lots of people there, John McVie came by to talk to Rob about his new album. I still can’t get my head and heart to realize that Rob is really GONE. You were so very lucky to have him in your life but he was always in my heart too. This is a silly question but I was wondering if he still had that Needlepoint pillow I made for him, it had his name on it with a heart. I made that and gave it to him back in 1981. My BEST to you. It’s been 3 years today, well, yesterday, it’s late but it’s still crushing! My thoughts are with you both, each and every day. I’d love to hear from you, Sue Johnson

    • Sue Johnson says:

      Hi again, Nancy. I hope and pray that you give serious thought to writing a book about your life with Rob. We all got to see the singer but we didn’t get to really know THE MAN! This would give us something to hold on to now that he is gone although he will always be in our Hearts. What was it like going out on a date with him? I can’t even imagine, could you breathe? Were you like the rest of us, a FAN from the first song? I had all of the Teen magazines, did you? Gawd, how was it to wind up with the Real Life Poster? It won’t be like you are bragging. You did it, you married Rob! Please think about how it would have been if you didn’t get to marry him, that’s how the rest of us feel. Please do it for the fans, I bet Rob would love it too. PLEASE? *Sue*

  14. Anna Baker says:

    Every since I was a little girl and herd Melody
    For you I was in love with the GrassRoots
    I’m almost 60 now and many nights I find so
    Much comfort and joy in their music. I truly believe
    your husband was the best.

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