The Sad Story of Jackie Lomax

Jackie Lomax, to me, has one of the saddest stories in 60’s rock. He was playing for years in the same venues as the Beatles. They knew him, he had a local following.
When the Beatles formed their own label, Apple, George Harrison signed him on. The backup band for the record included, Harrison, Ringo, John Lennon, Eric Clapton and others. Talk about great backing!!!

Right about the time that his album was released, the Beatles were crumbling, Apple records had no management. And his album barely got any promotion. And it is a great album, top notch.

He switched to Warner Bros for his next album, very bluesy. And again, he wasn’t promoted very well and no one remembered the album he did on Apple.

He’s lived in LA for years performing locally. The tremolo in his voice is unique and captivating.

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